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Global Hospitality Accounting Common Practices Version 1.0

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the purpose of GHACP?

A: GHACP is intended to provide common practices for the hospitality industry, and to make this information readily available in an accessible, searchable, sortable web application.

Q: What is GHACP data based upon?

A: GHACP data is based on the input of many experienced hospitality accounting professionals from around the world.

Q: Can we do our books on GHACP?

A: GHACP's intent is not to provide online accounting, rather it is a resource to provide guidelines and common practices of account categorisation and principles which can be utilised in organizing hospitality accounting methods in a globally accepted fashion.

Q: How can I recommend additional items or contribute hotel data?

A: Select “Feedback” on the home page, then click on the drop down “Select an Option”. Select “I want to submit data” and complete the information requested or call +1 512.220.4021 or email